One Finger Riot Premieres ‘Give Me A Drug That Works Forever’ « The WILD Magazine

I directed a music video for the band One Finger Riot, and it premieres today on The Wild Magazine! From their page:

  • 'It’s a breakup record, so I brought up the way in which many relationships fail due to one party simply not being able to evolve, progress, or even be present anymore,' says director Sam Friedman.
And video embed:
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Little Free Library is a lovely organization that’s helping put the idea of sharing books in the community into the hands of individuals. The results are fun and adorable! I made this film about the LFL in my neighborhood.

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A training session in an aqueduct, on the outskirts of Downtown LA

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My teaser video for a wedding I shot a few weeks ago in Santa Ynez, CA.

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Over Labor Day weekend, to celebrate the “end” of summer John and I went to El Matador, my favorite beach in Malibu. I played around with a crystal I had acquired recently, and he played in the surf. It was a beautiful day. Our conversation flowed freely from love and loss to the inevitable waning of teenage summers, all of the ephemera that make our youths so timeless, and heartbreakingly magical.

Punctuated by long silences and floating in the surf, it was a perfect day with a very good friend. And when I went to bed I felt the sea rock me to sleep like it used to.

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A couple weeks ago I had a surprise message from Alexa Meade after I’d commented on a photo she posted on Facebook of her and a guy named Mark doing some ninja moves downtown. She asked if I’d come photograph them. I met Alexa at YxYY (which I posted about earlier) and Mark had been there too, so I knew I had to say “YES!”

And I’m so glad I did. The two of them, both alone and together, swung gracefully from a rope attached to Mark’s VW Beetle, cascading down the side wall of the 6th Street Aqueduct. It was fantastic to watch. The photos I got do it some justice, but keep your eyeballs peeled for a video.

And next time, I’m going up the wall with them.

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Ode to Summer

When John and I met, we were instant friends. We had talked about shooting together, but hadn’t been able to get it together. We finally synced our schedules the other day to go on a photo adventure along the Los Angeles River Bike Path, and here are my favorite frames that I shot. You can see his work at johnfallsdown.

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Say Yes!

In July, I attended the first annual Yes by Yes Yes (YxYY) non-conference in Palm Springs. It was an extraordinary weekend of spontaneous activities, conversation, and brainstorming with creatives of all breeds. It was an honor to be there and, more importantly, a total blast. After teaching a pseudo-planned beginners class on photography, I shot some portraits of my students, which devolved into portraits of many other passers-by. These are some of my favorites. More can be seen here.

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Little Free Library #1925

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of my Little Free Library documentary! In an effort to make the film eligible for and appealing to festivals, I have decided not to make the film publicly available for now. I promise that as soon as it is available on the web to watch, I will share it with you! In the meantime, it will soon be in competition… wish us luck!

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This past weekend, my grandma turned 91. I wanted to make her something nice, so I made a frame for a beautiful photo of her holding her first great-grandchild, taken by the father (my cousin). The frame, milled and cut from a single piece of Cherry wood lying around the shop I’m apprenticing at, came out wonderfully, and it made me happy to give it to her.

And yes, the last photo is her eating cake.

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